It's true what they say, a little bit of maintenance goes a long way when it comes getting the most out your machine. Maintenance is more then just an oil change however, that's why here at Buffalo Mountain Powersports we offer a wide range of servicing options, each of which comes with a multi point inspection. These inspections will let you know what needs attention and what can wait, that way you can avoid those break downs before they happen. Protect your ride and your time with Vermont's only fully certified Arctic Cat gold level Catmaster dealership. Did you know that not only do we service Arctic Cat snowmobiles, ATVs and side by sides, but we service all other makes and models as well as small engines, motorcycles, out board engines and lawn mowers.

Our dedicated service team will take care of your needs with a level of professionalism seldom found in the recreational vehicle industry! Also, our safety record is second to none in the business. Performance tuning, minor or major repairs, and routine maintenance are only a few of the services we offer. And, yes, we work on competitive brands. Not sure what the problem is? Call us, we can help!

Snowmobile service

When it comes to servicing a snowmobile it is not only important to know the health of the engine but the whole snowmobile around it. That’s why our multi-point inspections let you know what type of shape your sled is really in. We inspect the sled from the tips to the bumper for wear and tear including things like cylinder compression, shocks, carbides, brakes, belt, clutches, idler wheels, sliders, electrical components, and more. Our technicians are trained to know what is normal and what is not, and also have the years of experience to know how to perform any additional repairs right the first time.

ATV and Side by Side service

We all know that ATVs and Side by Sides are some the most abused vehicles in the power sports industry, that’s why when you bring in either for service you can be assured that your machine will not only be getting an oil change but will be looked at for any abnormal wear and tear. During a service, we look at everything from the front bumper to the rear and everything in between. Our technicians are trained to be able to recognize something out of the ordinary and are able to fix it right the first time so you can ride with confidence.

Is something just not right with your machine? You know there is something wrong but you just can't figure it out. That’s when you should let one of our trained technicians look at it. Our techs can diagnose and repair any problem that you may be having with your machine.

Our techs can also help in machine set up. Did you know that power sports machines are not set up for every rider? Its true, but that is why you have us. Our techs get to see hundreds of other machines each and every year and get to see all different kinds of setups. This allows us to know what adjustments to make for each of our customers. Does your sled push in the corners? Transfer back to much coming out of a corner? Are the shocks too stiff or too soft? Do you “dart” around the trail? Or feel like the sled has more say in where it goes then you? Our guys can help. From simple adjustments to complex shock work, we want you to get the most enjoyment out of your ride. After all, if it is not fun then why do it?